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Other Therapies

I practice Western Medical Acupuncture, which is similar to 'Traditional Chinese Acupuncture' in terms of the needles, points and techniques used, but placement is according to modern medical theory and applied anatomy, rather than the meridian system.

The traditional system has a wealth of empirical experience, which is now being interpreted in the light of recent advances in our understanding of anatomy and neurophysiology.


To complement osteopathic treatment I may also use these pieces of equipment: -

'TAMARS' (Technology Assisted Micro-mobilisation And Reflex Stimulator) formerly known as PAMM (Power Assisted Micro-Manipulation) and 'Theraflex' (a modern equivalent of TAMARS)  

Theraflex/TAMARS is a tool for the manipulation of joints and muscles of the spine.

The handset could be described as being a bionic hand with four fingers. It is touch sensitive so that the tool can be used like an extension of the hand.


Ultrasound & Electrotherapy

In addition to manual therapy, I often use electrotherapy equipment for pain relief and to assist healing. These consist of Ultrasound and Interferential.

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